Next Level Academy

A Goal is a Dream...with a Dead Line.

Teams, it's time to book your appointments!

Our indoor batting and pitching areas are a great opportunity for teams to get in some extra practice. With the rain here and winter approaching, we provide an ideal place to take care of business no matter what weather.

If you're looking for fielding practice, our cages slide back, so you can have a full infield workout. We have plenty of mounds for baseball and softball pitching practice. Catchers can use the pitching machines, which throw a ball every nine seconds, to get a lot of experience behind the plate.

Teams are guaranteed one cage, and when specified, one pitching mound depending on availability. We do our best to make every team happy when we have multiple teams on the schedule.

Remember we are not already open on weekends but if it works out, we try to get everyone in at the most convenient times for them. We need at least one day's notice for appointments.

Please understand, when the weather acts up, your team is not the only one that wants to come in.

Come into our office Monday through Friday 5 pm to 9pm to sign up, or call us at 904-626-9173 or 904-219-3022.

Welcome to Next Level Academy!


Next Level Academy (NLA) of Orange Park was started June 1, 2010, with the goal of helping each and every athlete that is willing to work hard to become the best that they can be.   The primary emphasis of Next Level Academy is for baseball and softball hitting and pitching, but it is also a goal of ours to help each athlete with their speed and agility.

Here, we have three iron mike pitching machines for baseball. We have two disk machines for pitching baseballs to younger boys as well as two jugs machines for softball.  Every batting cage can be used for forward pitching to batters.  There are also several tees to help athletes attain their swing goals. There are a variety of drills available to help with speed and balance.

At the start of 2013, Next Level expanded by becoming outdoor as well. We have another location on the west side of Jacksonville that is all outdoors. Currently, we have 2 large baseball fields, 2 small fields, and a lot of extra land that we hope to develop in the next year. 

Every hitting, pitching, and fielding lesson begins with ladder drills to help develop coordination and body control. We not only strive to make athletes better in a particular area, but we make sure we do our best to create well-rounded athletes. We don't believe in the saying "Practice Makes Perfect," instead we believe "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect."

Next Level Academy caters to athletes of all ages and abilities.  We also have instructors in different price ranges depending on the age and ability of the athlete.  We have instructors that are right out of high school for the younger athletes, instructors that have played in college for the next skill level of athlete, and instructors that have given instruction to pro level athletes. 

Our Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday from 5pm to 9pm. We open Saturday and Sunday BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.